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What Our Clients Say



Hi Pierre and Team

I would like to thank you very much for your support and care, I learnt a great deal whilst here at YouTurn, from you, the clinical team and all the housemates past and present,

I want to wish you all the best for the future.

Much love


Hello everyone at YouTurn, as you all know I am leaving today.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your kindness and support, I think you are all special and great human beings.

I wish all of us success and a life worth living, don’t give up I’m certain we will overcome.

All the best and good luck!



I am truly grateful for YouTurn. After primary care became it became my home which is spacious, tranquil and provides amazing meals, this tertiary care option is worth every penny.

Pierre is an extraordinary human being that has truly found his calling in life. His halfway house provided me with a safe, soul nourishing environment that focuses heavily on the essentials of making a success of recovery and enabled me to have a smooth transition from primary care to reintegrating with the challenges of life.

Recovery is possible and I have YouTurn to thank for contributing to my ongoing sobriety and showing me how to do recovery the right way!

With gratitude


No family plan to start a journey that includes addiction and mental health challenges. When we suddenly found ourselves in a position where a member of our family needed help that we were not equipped to provide, YouTurn House opened its doors to us. I’ve learned on this road that there are no strangers on the road to healing, the staff picked up being family when our own resources were low. I can highly recommend YouTurn house for any family with a loved one who is struggling. The structure, level of care and discipline at YouTurn is exactly what we needed to help set our son back on the road to healing and growth. Thank you, Pierre, and the Team!

Mrs. LGP


YOUTURN HOUSE – 4 years later

Four years ago, I walked into YouTurn House, broken, hopeless, and lost. I was so gripped by addiction that I did not see a way out. I desperately needed help. I wanted to adjust to everyday life after rehab and learn to live life on life’s terms, and I couldn’t do it alone.

I was immediately greeted with love and acceptance. The place was tranquil and beautiful, comfort and amenities were never an issue. Everything I could possibly want, and need was provided for, making it so much easier to focus on what is important – my recovery and growth as a person.

I was introduced to responsibility, accountability, and structure. The team in charge guided me every step of the way with love and support. I was exposed to the 12 steps and led through the journey of recovery. They gave me the vital tools I would need to tackle life without drugs and alcohol crippling me. These tools are still of great importance in my life.

YouTurn paved the way for a new and beautiful life for me. The support I still receive is of immeasurable worth. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them and my gratitude will be everlasting. Pierre, especially, never gave up on me and walked this road with me every step of the way. The treatment team taught me so much about recovery and living my life in the solution, my life would not be the same without them. They play such an important role in my life that I invited them to my wedding because my relationship and my existence would not be possible without their love and guidance. Saying that I’m grateful seems inadequate.

If you are as broken and in need, as I was, I could not recommend this home away from home enough. You will never regret it. They didn’t give me my life back; they made it possible to live a life that I never thought possible.

Mrs. KMD



Immensely grateful for my sobriety today…?Thank you to my Higher Power, YouTurn staff, Outpatient Team and all your beautiful people for being part of my journey. Last year I was so down and didn’t think it possible for me to rack up anything beyond 3 days sober time. Very very grateful this morning. Thank you ALL so much again for all your help/suggestions and input xxx   I don’t take anything for granted this morning…so grateful to have had the opportunity to be here cause not everyone gets this chance. I think we all are blessed and privileged to be here. Xxxx Lastly, thankful, and grateful that my life is back on track.



I came to You Turn House after having done eight months of primary care at multiple rehab facilities. After such a long period of time I had been worried that the transition back into the real world would have been a hard adjustment. When I arrived, I was welcomed by Pierre who immediately told me to breathe and not let the whole situation consume me. He told me that we would work on getting me into a routine which we did. Within two weeks of being at You Turn House I had gotten three interviews and countless responses from various agencies. During my first month I had signed up for the Outpatient programme. I began it and was immediately seeing the value in participating, the team that is highly qualified and got straight down to business and we were already digging deep and delving into issues that had been plaguing me. The whole programme is designed in such a way that we were able to quickly identify the root cause of my addiction as well as equipping me with the adequate tools which would enable me to be able to handle the uncomfortable cravings and realities that come with addiction. I now feel a lot stronger and more ready to cope with the outside world. The whole experience at You Turn House was high enjoyable the other residents make the journey feel like we are one big family, and we all share in the common goal of recovery. The atmosphere created within the house is ideal for those who have never entered any kind of treatment before it’s a culture of looking after the individual and assisting those who are still in the early stages of their recovery. I am very grateful for everything that You Turn House has given me and now that I am leaving, I feel confident that I will be able to stay sober and live a fulfilling life.



YTH OP has provided a safe space, to connect with other people recovering from addiction, and with the help of the skilled Councillors, I observed huge change and growth all around me, including myself. I would encourage anyone who is searching for help and good therapy to consider this amazing and powerful program.

With much gratitude and respect



Hello to Outpatient Team,

First and foremost, we are tremendously pleased with the progress and turnaround we have seen in our daughter, all thanks to YTH and all personnel involved in her return to normality. She has committed herself wholeheartedly to the YTH program and has surprised us at the level of her engagement. We are very proud of her, and all the achievements made. I also get the impression that you, Pierre, are providing her with that extra bit, which is contributing to her rehabilitation, for which our heartfelt thanks. Enjoy every moment of steadiness in your life.



Dear Pierre and OP team,

Thank you to You, and all the Councillors of the YouTurn Outpatient program, my gratitude is overflowing. The 4 weeks of OP have literally changed my life. Each session was specifically themed, with topics related to Recovery, and even more so related to LIFE. I have learnt so much about myself and gained much insight into so many aspects. In the past, my ‘normal’ reaction was to defend myself, justify my actions, and blame external people and things for my actions. I could not communicate my feelings, or my emotions. These feelings would build and fester to the point of causing anger, frustration, and anxiety, triggering me to the point of escaping to the one thing I thought would help the pain, which was alcohol.



About 21 Months ago I was willing to die physically, just to be remotely, mentally okay. Even if it was just for a moment. Drugs and alcohol were the oxygen that enabled me to be present in my chaotic reality, went into rehab for 3months and moved in YouTurn Halfway House same day I got discharged and I really started to learn recovery in the 17months I stayed there it was one of the best decisions I ever made, I was thought on how to live a happy normal life without the use of drugs, I found me, serenity, calmness & Peace again with the help from Pierre and Kate,

I have learned that time is too valuable and too precious.

When I got clean and they told me I had to change everything, they meant everything. People, places, and things. I cannot even begin to tell you how vital that was for me. I would always hold on to this and let go on that, let go of that and hold onto this… I exhausted all options and was severely beaten before I was ready to completely surrender.

I did not get my life back, I got a brand new one and YouTurn made sure of that Instead of participating in a life filled with dereliction, hopelessness, and misery, I found myself a life filled with faith, realized ambitions and new horizons. It is crazy how I once feared a life that did not involve using, now I fear a life that is filled with drugs and alcohol. I would like to thank Pierre, Kate & everyone at YouTurn for being part of my personal process and the fact that I am alive to tell my story.


Much appreciation



After two months of Rehab for alcohol and a benzodiazepine addiction, I found myself back to my reality but feeling more depressed and anxious than ever before with suicidal thoughts swirling through my mind, it was one of the most difficult times of my life. My husband found YouTurn House, and we met with Pierre, I immediately felt at ease in his company and from that first meeting I caught a glimpse that there might still be hope.

With each session with Pierre, I felt more and more at ease, I told Pierre about traumas in my life that I had never felt comfortable sharing with any other psychologist/councilors. Over the past 7 months Pierre has guided me through the darkest time of my life and into the most hopeful, joyful time of my life thus far.

From childhood traumas to current family issues, marital advice, day to day coping tools to deal with stress and feelings of being overwhelmed and addiction, Pierre has gently guided me to the happy place I find myself now. I know that Pierre is only a phone call away and that makes me feel safe and confident to take on anything that comes way.

Thank you!




Hi Pierre, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have, I repeat again n again gone beyond the beck of call to help our daughter. Such selfless service is service to God. May you be graced with excellent health abundance of peace n prosperity. I would also like to extend my humble gratitude to all that cared for her as her guardian angels at YouTurn House.


Trust you and your team are well. My husband and I would like to express our heartiest gratitude for all that you have done for our family.

We are firm believers of the Higher Power or Divine Intervention. You have come into our life and saved her soul.

We know in this material world everything must be at a cost. You went beyond that and held her hand in this most stormy and challenging time of her life. What a selfless human being you are to uplift a fallen soul.  How selfless is that?

I have already seen an amazing change and I can be very hopeful and trust that it can only get better one day at a time.

May the Great One bless you and Andrew and grace your Institution for the splendid work you continue to always do.

We will really appreciate if you can post this on your web page as a recommendation.


Dear Pierre,

Today is my last day.

I have enjoyed our therapy sessions and I got a lot out of it – you are a gifted therapist.



I have already seen an amazing change in her and our relationship is better than ever and trust that it can only get better one day at a time.

Thank you for helping our family when we needed it most.


Thanks, Pierre, for your kind understanding and we do appreciate that in running a tight ship you are protecting those in your care including our daughter for which we are extremely grateful. Kind regards.


Youturn was my saving grace and part of my support system through a very dark space in my life. I attribute my sobriety, my new life and life skills, all the new opportunities I have, to Pierre and youturn house. I can, without a doubt, say that they saved my life. There you will be treated with love, care, and patience. If you still want to keep fighting, they will fight with you and for you. I spent almost a year there and it was the most exquisite gift that I could give myself. Here is where I got to know myself. When I moved in, Pierre told me that I am now part of the family, and I truly always felt, and still do, part of the youturn family. I have the utmost respect and gratitude towards this fantastic human being. His guidance and insight carried me through many a dark time.



My experience of YouTurn House as a parent is as follows: An institution which focusses on the individual’s ability to change from bad habits to good habits, challenging the individual to see the difference in him/herself.

Great work – keep it up.



Our son went to YTH after a short period in Rehab, and a few months of living on his own. Although he initially was reluctant to move there, he was determined to heal from his addictions. YouTurn House created an environment with structure, responsibility, and accountability for our son. He worked through his 12-step program, took on chores and responsibilities, being accountable and started making progress in his healing.

He has remained free from his addictions and has now moved out of YouTurn House.

We are eternally grateful to Pierre and his team for their work, support, and family meetings.

We believe that YouTurn House has been the right choice in a Halfway House for our son and his recovery.



Addiction is a terrible disease that affects not only the addict but their family too. As the father of an addict, I went through some incredibly dark and trying times. I found the team at YouTurn to be a blessing. Their immense dedication and passion to help the addicts and their families has become invaluable to me. Their empathy, insight and support have helped me to understand the disease and given me the tools to deal with it. Being introduced to and becoming part of the Co-Anon family support fellowship, has helped incredibly. What an amazing bunch of people who quickly turn into friends.



Good morning all! Feeling good and grateful to be moving onto my next chapter. Staying at YouTurn has been a life saving time for me which has mainly to do with connection and support from all the people I’ve gotten to live with (the commitment to routine is also pretty important ?). Leaving is somewhat bittersweet in that I’m sad to say goodbye to everyone, but happy and hopeful for what comes next.

I think the best thing for me is to stay connected and active in the fellowships that we’re so lucky to have here in Joburg – AA, NA, CA, GA, etc. and I’m hoping to be able to continue to stay connected with you all in these spaces which offer a new freedom and new way of life. I know they can be challenging and difficult to be a part of at times, but they’re consistent and free and, living in a big city, there’s always opportunity to go to a meeting. ✊

I do want to come back to YouTurn for a coffee and to sit on the lovely porch overlooking the swimming pool again, and hopefully catch a quick hello from Maddy and Kitty Cat. ? And very much looking forward to seeing you all again. (I’m planning on coming through to this Saturday’s CA meeting). ❤

Much love and strength to you all! Reach out to me, I promise I’ll reply.



I did not understand the purpose of a halfway house when I arrived at YouTurn and now I’ve seen for myself and for others that it has been vital for my recovery and is useful option in so many cases.

YouTurn is an environment that is addicts and alcoholics helping and supporting each other, this we need for a better life.

I came into YouTurn in fear of normal people and have left confident that I am normal all thanks to YouTurn and everyone apart of it.

Thank you Pierre, Kate, Andrew and the rest of the team.

YouTurn means a lot to me.



If I look back at my son before rehab – a desperate lost soul on the streets . 3 months later, from his perspective, many neg things wrong with rehab but mainly lack of food. He eats a lot. Then we found YT and our whole world changed with one amazing conversation with Pierre. He introduces me to Co-Anon and Andrew and welcomed my son.

After 8 months of strong recovering ethics and support love and hope I have my darling son back. Wanting so much to help others which in turn helps him.

Thank you to Pierre and his team for helping my son to see the value of recovery no matter how hard it can be and to look to the future.



Leaving inpatient treatment and reintegrating back into normal life was a daunting experience. I chose to move to YouTurn House to help me with this integration. During my stay I received constant support, advice and counselling which sufficiently prepared me for life outside of treatment and helped me deal with my ‘new normal’. The house is a place of safety and serenity with every creature comfort taken care of. The house has ample space, rooms are quiet and comfortable, and the food was delicious, with a lot of variety and great portions. If you are looking for a place to get your life back on track, then I would highly suggest and recommend YouTurn House.




Geagte Pierre,

Gun my asseblief die geleenthieid om my opregte dank en waardering teenoor jou uit te spreek. Baie dankie vir die leiding en empatie wat jy teenoor my bewys het. In die tyd wat ek by YouTurn spandeer het, het ek baie geleer en ek sou nie wees wie ek nou is, as dit nie vir jou en Kate en Theo was nie.

Ek sal belsis YouTurn sonder enige huiwering by almal aanbeveel wat hulp met verslawing nodig het.

Weereens baie dankie



I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. I am looking forward to a bright and prosperous journey ahead. Thank you for all the support and encouragement through both the good and bad times.

YouTurn Halfway House has been a life-changing experience for me. I have been supported and guided on my journey to sobriety here. The staff were helpful and pleasant to me. I truly turned my life around and I am looking forward to a happy and bright future ahead.

Thank you, Pierre, Kate, and Theo, for everything !



Hi Pierre. I am writing to thank you, Kate, and all at You Turn for the amazing support that you have provided to our family during the course of this year. We are not forgetting the same support provided on earlier occasions when based in Dunkeld. Our son is now on a new phase of his journey. A journey he would never have reached without your care and support. He may never show his appreciation, but our family will forever be grateful for your love and care. We wish you and your team at YouTurn every best wish in your work going forward.

Cheers J, D and E.


I would recommend YouTurn for any addict who needs extra support coming into recovery. This is a well run and caring institution which literally helped save my life.

YouTurn strikes a great balance between accountable dicipline and caring support. They provided a structured, safe and therapeutic environment for me when I was down and out and helped guide me into my recovery. As I grew in my journey, YouTurn became a second family to me; the house became my home and a place of security and love.

Now that I’ve moved out on my own, the lessons, structure and recovery-centric behaviours that I learnt in my time at YouTurn continue to play a role in my sober and happy life. I’m still in contact with all of them and continue to receive support and advice.

I can’t thank the therapeutic team or my house mates enough for the role they played and continue to play in my recovery .


I found a new way of living @YouTurn House.

Today I can do Today.
Thank you to every one of you being part of a community where recovery IS possible.
To YouTurn management, especially for overseeing, guiding, understanding and most of all listening and being there.
I have tried many places and things but none gave me what I found at YouTurn House.
Today I am a part of and therefore I can do Today.
Lots of Love.


Dear Pierre

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING!!! Your kindness, empathy and wisdom has really helped me on my journey.

Please stay in contact.

Lots of love


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