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Halfway and Sober Living

We provide a safe and therapeautic programme, based on the 4 fundamental dimensions of recovery, Home, Health, Purpose, and Community.
This creates a platform for our residents to grow and prepare for successful integration back into everyday life.

Facilities and Services


  • Daily continental breakfast
  • Daily supper
  • Ironing Monday to Friday
  • Uncapped WiFi
  • DSTV Full Bouquet
  • Braai area with covered veranda
  • Large garden with salt water pool
  • Secure parking


  • Therapeutic house activities
  • Random drug testing and breathalysing
  • Weekly therapeutic process group
  • Individual therapeutic counselling
  • On site fellowship meetings
  • On site family support meetings


  • Weekday programme for students and job seekers
  • Stepwork sessions
  • Planning and goal-setting support


  • Monthly team-building activities
  • House rules based on respect and co-operation
  • Individual duties and responsibilities

Please note that additional counselling and therapeutic services are available if required.

Why Halfway House Living Works:

It creates a supportive environment with a similar sense of routine that is found in primary treatment and life. It is a steppingstone between primary treatment and a full return to an independent, productive life of sobriety.

When a client chooses to live in a halfway house for a period, it can significantly increase their chance of remaining clean. YouTurn helps to create a sense of community and camaraderie in early recovery.

People in early recovery often face the same problems and challenges. Clients tend to feel less isolated and overwhelmed when they are living with a group of people who are all striving to start life anew.

While most people who have completed primary treatment feel sincerely motivated, and promise to follow all suggestions, people who do this together as a group, find it easier and far more fun to achieve and maintain.

Monthly Fees

Please contact us for the current fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you live in a halfway/sober house?

It varies from one resident to another; the recommended stay is between three to twelve months.

What are the benefits of going into halfway house living?

The only person you can change is yourself. Living in society exposes you to substances and alcohol. Living in a halfway house offers you safety, as halfway houses have a zero tolerance for the abuse of substances and clients, are randomly and regularly tested to ensure compliance in a safe environment for all.

Living in a halfway house offers an opportunity to meet new associations and be part of a recovery community. This recovery community provides belonging, understanding and support in recovery. Not everyone has a support network at home, so this environment provides like-minded people that share and grow within their recovery.

Halfway houses offer a structured environment with guidelines. These guidelines are there to teach responsible living. For substance abusers, the simplest tasks are sometimes the hardest. Being accountable for these tasks teaches responsibility and promotes fulfilment.

“Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations” – Zig Ziglar

A halfway house is a safe place for individuals in early recovery from substance use to reintegrate back into society all the while boarding in a therapeutic environment where a recovery community can flourish through guidelines and expectations that assist in the recovery process.

A halfway house is not a medical facility and does not cater for detoxing clients; it is for substance abusers who have cleaned up and want to be able to gain long-term sobriety.

The home provides a guided and structured living atmosphere, with the freedom to get your life back on track. You can work, attend meetings, go to the gym, visit your family, etc. Certain rules and guidelines need to be met, such as curfews, providing a clean urine sample or breathalyser, attending meetings, step-work, etc.

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